Our mission

Modernus is latin and means "the modern man"

The name of the corporation, Modernus, was the nickname of Dr. Durandus, a known philosopher and theologist in France from the middle ages. Dr. Durandus' philosophy was that man was on this Earth on his own terms but not just for the grace of God. His beliefs were so very modern for his time that he earned the nickname Dr. Modernus.

The name is meant to remind the staff of Modernus of our mission, which is to be a modern company in a wide meaning of the word. The Modernus name came to us from Brock Haus Enzylopädia in the fall of 1999 and the company was officially formed in march of 2000. In 2007 it merged with Internet á Íslandi hf.

There have been other companies that have used the Modernus name or variations thereof. Moderna was a short lived investment firm in Sweden, with Icelandic roots. Modernus.co.tk is a Turkish software vendor that also has Icelandic ties and was formed in 2003. We here in the "original" Modernus are of course very flattered by this, and although the corporate entity Modernus was retired by the merger with Internet á Íslandi hf. the Modernus name lives on as the brand of the services we provide.