Coordinated webmeasure

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Modernus runs the Coordinated Webmeasure® list in Iceland in co-operation with its participants. The list was started on May 1st 2001 and is only intended for Icelandic websites. Today there are around 150 websites on the list.

A workgroup consisting of representatives of the largets webs was formed around Coordinated webmeasure. These webs are,,, and, as well as a representative from Internet á Íslandi hf. The workgroup meets at least twice a year. Coordinated webmeasure has proved itself to be the most accurate yardstick for advertisers to measure the traffic on websites.

Modernus also runs a Coordinated webmeasure list in Faroe Islands (Vefmátingarlistinn) in co-operation with Gallup Føroyar. See